International Health


The Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences offers two courses, POPLHLTH 715 Global Public Health and POPLHLTH 752 Case Studies in Global Health, which are directed to students with an interest in working with international governments, NGOs, philanthropic organisations or health care providers that are interested in ensuring the resources for health are shared equitably and put to the greatest benefit for all.

International students will appreciate the focus on health systems, governance arrangements and social dynamics of health and health care from across the WHO regions. In these two courses close look at what works, what doesn’t and why.  Our focus is guided by key gobal health and development frameworks, including the new sustainable development goals (2015).

Areas of study

International Health is a specialisation in the new 180 point Master of Health Leadership programme.

Study areas include the global burden of disease, health and human rights, global health ethics, international health systems, governance and financing, the role of NGOs, IGOS and the emerging place of philanthropic organisations, global health challenges for our Asia Pacific region and technology and policy solutions and strategies for health and development. We draw upon case studies, regional plans and current debates and unfolding global events to focus and keep our focus applied.

You can study International Health in the following programmes:


Students taking these two courses will learn to appreciate the interconnectedness of the geopolitical, the technological and economic drivers to health outcomes, particularly in low and middle income countries. The global epidemiological shift is examined to generate a detailed appreciation of the role of global systems and their impact on health.

Career opportunities

Graduates with a specialist training in international health systems have scope to work within governments, with regional Inter-government agencies (e.g. WHO), within NGOs, civil society agencies, with any of the major philanthropic organisations as well as in development agencies (the World Bank, Asia Development Bank).

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