Data Science

The Data Science major will provide initial preparation for students wishing to pursue a career in this area. It ties together courses from Computer Science and Statistics to provide the necessary background and training in these fields, along with Mathematics courses.


The major matches courses in Statistics and Computer Science to provide a focused major for Data Science.

You can study Data Science in the following programmes:

You'll learn the essentials of data science through the study of data management, algorithmics and data analysis. This strong, coherent background will make you immediately employable as a graduate, or prepare you for progression to postgraduate study.

There is currently an unmet demand for graduates in the field of data science. As a Data Science graduate, you will have a range of career opportunities available to you, including:

  • Data analyst
  • Data scientist
  • Database administrator
  • Developer
  • Information officer
  • Insight manager
  • Statistician

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