Ancient History


Ancient History explores the civilisations of ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. These civilisations faced many of the problems encountered by the modern world and attempted to solve them.

Areas of Study

In Ancient History you can study Greek and Roman history and historical writing, Eygptian history, late antiquity, archaeology, art history, and the intellectual world of Greece and Rome.

You can study Ancient History in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Stage I courses in Ancient History define historical development, with a focus on society, culture and art.

At more advanced levels you will develop your ability to interpret ancient sources. If you are pursuing Egyptian history, the study of Egyptian language (hieroglyphics) will be useful. (This is taught from Stage II in ANCHIST courses.) For ancient Greek and Roman history, knowledge of the respective languages is useful. If you plan to advance to a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Ancient History, you will need some language knowledge.

Career opportunities

Recent graduates in Ancient History and Classical Studies have moved on to careers in journalism, teaching, public relations, and human resources.

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