As a discipline, architecture draws together knowledge from across the spectrum of the arts and sciences. Through creative endeavour it brings that knowledge to bear in physical contexts to improve quality of life. Our aim at the School of Architecture and Planning is to develop in our students the confidence, competence, and a competitive-yet-collaborative spirit that will enable them as architects to critically and effectively design the spaces we will live in in the future.

Areas of Study

The School of Architecture and Planning has the expertise and experience to supervise a wide range of research topics. Our staff are currently engaged in several major collaborative research projects in sustainable, urban and architectural design. We have close relationships with the professional communities, are involved in consultation with central and local government on policy issues and actively engage in leading urban change.

You can study Architecture in the following programmes:

What you will learn

The architecture courses provide an introduction to the key aspects of architecture and the related design disciplines and give you the skills required for advanced courses in the higher level architecture degree, or as a basis for creative practice in fields other than architecture.

Career opportunities

Architectural Studies graduates are prepared for a broad range of careers within the architecture, building design and construction sectors. Examples include architect*, architectural historian, building industry consultant, building technologist, computer-aided design professional, design-based librarian or archivist, heritage architect, interior designer, project manager, and urban designer.

*Following successful completion of MArch(Prof) and professional registration

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