Drama focuses on both the analysis of text and creative performance. Through Drama we can examine the world of yesterday and today, and discover stories that tell us about the society, people and time period that they were written in. Through studying Drama you can learn to be someone else, or appreciate the worldview of others.

Areas of Study

Drama is available for the Bachelor of Arts as a major or minor subject. We offer students text and theory-based teaching and practical-based learning. In addition to University staff, a number of outside theatre practitioners contribute to courses at all levels and the Stage II production experience is typically directed by an outside professional.

First year classes vary from large lecture classes looking at drama on stage and in film to practical study in Māori, Pacific and modern dance. Stage II full-year courses include the staging of a full-length play while Stage III Drama can include actor training and the practical and theoretical study of comedy. You can also take courses from a range of different subjects including English, Classical Studies and more.

You can study Drama in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will gain a deeper understanding of the history of drama as well as develop your own performance skills. Drama is an ideal medium for addressing issues of contemporary relevance and debate. Historical and ancient dramatic texts are also often updated to the technology and conventions of modern theatre. An understanding of historical and cultural changes in theatre is therefore necessary to all practical drama.

Career opportunities

Drama can help you gain important transferable skills such as working under pressure, time-management skills, team-working skills, organising skills, problem solving skills and effective communication skills, both written and oral.

You can also develop the ability to analyse, discuss and write about dramatic texts both as literature and as texts for performance, investigate and research a variety of dramatic forms from a range of periods and styles such as the Ancient Greek period, contemporary world and New Zealand drama, and understand the processes of dramatic production and rehearsal.

More information

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