European Studies


European Studies brings together courses which focus on different aspects of Europe.

Areas of study

Courses in European Studies are categorised in three main groups: European Cultures and Languages, European History and Politics and Medieval and Early Modern European Studies. For the major and minor you need to take advanced courses in at least two of the three groups. In this way, the degree requires both depth and breadth. The Undergraduate Adviser for European Studies and the Arts Students’ Centre can help you plot your degree path.



You can study European Studies in the following programmes:

What you will learn

European Studies incorporates courses in Anthropology, Art History, Classics and Ancient History, English, History, Philosophy and Politics and International Relations, as well as courses in European languages and cultures. A European Studies major can allow you to select courses to suit varied interests, with specialisation required in at least two areas at Stage III.

Career opportunities

Career opportunities include foreign affairs, international trade and commerce, international law, the public sector and cultural and commercial organisations where an insight into European cultures is an asset. European Studies can help provide you with intercultural competence and global awareness to meet and adapt to the changing needs of society, business and government.

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