Media, Film and Television


We live in a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by media institutions and technologies. The rise of mobile, digital media has afforded us great opportunities, but also many challenges. As we begin to live an increasing amount of our lives online, it is important to keep pace with the quickly evolving media environment and reflect on our role as citizens, users and consumers.

Areas of study

Media, Film and Television offers you the chance to study issues relating to television, film and the internet, such as how the new digital landscape of social media and streaming impacts traditional media forms and journalistic practice, and related issues of gender, race and democracy. You may also study media genres and histories, as well as popular media platforms such as music and comics. There are also courses in screen writing and production.

You can study Media, Film and Television in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Media, Film and Television is about much more than just watching movies, it’s about how we interpret and reflect a variety of media in our everyday lives, and the exciting directions that media could take us in the future.

Career opportunities

A degree in Media, Film and Television could open up career pathways in film and television production and distribution, media management, research and consultancy, advertising, marketing and public relations, publishing, journalism, public policy, funding and regulatory organisations, teaching and academia, events management and coordination, corporate media skills training and more.

Media, Film and Television can help you to develop skills in analysis, persuasive arguments, presenting, critical thinking, research and other transferrable skills that employers value.

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