Latin was the language of the ancient Romans, and for 1500 years the principal international language of Europe. Latin has considerable significance in linguistics, history and literature.

The secret of Latin's success over so many centuries was its capacity to clearly express a wide variety of human experience. Latin left us literature which no educated person should ignore. Ancient writers such as Virgil and Cicero used Latin to its utmost capacity and wrote works of enduring value. The modern European Romance languages evolved from Latin. Latin also had a direct influence on English.

Areas of study

Latin language and literature.

You can study Latin in the following programmes:

What you will learn

By studying Latin you not only learn the language, but also how to analyse and describe language. You will learn to read Roman literature and understand Roman culture. Beginners can learn Latin from scratch. At Stage I there is a brisk programme of language learning before you embark on the study of literature and intermediate language at Stage II.

Career opportunities

Latin is an intellectual discipline. Our graduates have moved on to careers in journalism, teaching, public relations and human resources.

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