Law plays an important part in all areas of life. The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) offers an education that can lead to a wide range of careers both inside and outside the legal profession. Through the study of law, you will gain a skill set that meets the high demands of any legal career, including analytical and research skills, knowledge of the law and its implications, social appreciation, public responsibility and communication skills.

Areas of study


The LLB degree is studied in four parts (Parts I – IV) and includes law compulsory courses, law elective courses, non-law courses from another degree programme and General Education courses. There is a wide range of law elective courses available, including commercial, public, criminal, international, family, human rights, intellectual property, health care and environmental law. Unlike other degrees, the LLB degree does not have a major attached to it. Everyone who ears an LLB degree gains a broad background in the law. However, in the latter part of your degree, you can choose law electives according to one or two specialisations.


If you achieve a B+ average over all of your law courses at the completion of Part II, you will be invited to transfer to the Bachelor of Law (Honours) prgramme. The LLB(Hons) involves an additional semester of enrolment for the completion of an extra semester course and a dissertation.

You can study Law in the following programmes:

What you will learn


All undergraduate Law students take LAW 121G as a prerequisite to LAW 131. LAW 121G is an introduction to theories of the nature, functions and origins of law and legal systems, while LAW 131 is an introductory study of how law is made and applied in New Zealand. Each course usually involves three one-hour lectures per week and a compulsory one-hour tutorial every fortnight. These courses cannot be studied extramurally.

Entry into LLB Part II is limited and determined on a competitive basis. LLB Part II consists of five compulsory courses, which can be completed in the second year of study for those full-time students completing an LLB as a single degree, or across the second and third year of study for those completing conjoint degrees.

In LLB Part III and IV, students are allowed to select elective courses towards their LLB degree.


Career opportunities

About half of our graduates begin their careers in law firms, both large and small,  overseas and in New Zealand. The rest of our graduates are found in other professional firms (such as accounting or consulting), commerce and industry, local government, government departments, universities, and international and community organizations.

The LLB degree will provide career opportunities across a wide range of jobs and organisations. These include: barrister, solicitor, judge’s clerk, research counsel, policy analyst (public or private sector), foreign policy clerk, tax adviser, auditor, revenue assessment officer, financial adviser, strategic policy planner, mediator, resource management officer, property consultant, public prosecutor, law lecturer or journalist.

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