Management examines management policies and practices in the context of organisational growth and development, management theory, theories of leadership, communication processes, employment relations and the dynamics of organisational behaviour. The importance of managing people, and of management processes generally, means that courses offered by the Department of Management and International Business are relevant to most students in the University.

Areas of study

You can combine courses to focus your studies in any of the following areas: general management and strategy, international and cross-cultural management, human resources and employment relations, innovation and entrepreneurship, or organisational studies.

You can study Management in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will learn about the importance of human and labour factors in organisations including the structure, design and culture of organisations; management theory, policies and practices; and employment relations issues both within New Zealand and internationally. Our graduates are equipped with the skills they need to understand the framework against which business decisions are made and the ways in which people engage with their organisations in the public and private sectors. They are able to operate successfully in all areas of business both at a local level and in the international environment.

Career opportunities

A Management major in the Bachelor of Commerce opens many doors in the business world. Future roles could include: general manager, business development manager, entrepreneur, business consultant, strategic business analyst, international trade consultant, training and development consultant, recruitment consultant, human resources adviser/manager, employment relations manager, public policy analyst, business development manager, business consultant, international trade consultant, and senior management roles in business and industry.

More information

For more information see the Business School website: Why study Management?.