Medical Physics and Imaging Technology


This specialisation aims to provide students with a combination of skills that will equip them for careers in the increasingly complex fields of Medical Physics and Imaging Technology. The principal objectives are to provide a strong background in Physics and appropriate areas of Biomedical Science, and to supplement this with specialist research-led training in biophotonics, biomedical imaging and instrumentation.

Areas of study

The Medical Physics and Imaging Technology specialisation has been created to fill an important gap in the programmes available for graduates who have complementary skills in Physics, Biology and Physiology.

You can study Medical Physics and Imaging Technology in the following programmes:

What you will learn

The programme aims to provide an overview of all aspects of Medical Physics required for a career in this profession. You will have the capacity to contribute at an advanced level across a wide range of related fields, along with the opportunity to proceed to postgraduate study in medical physics, biophotonics, biomedical imaging or biophysics.

Career opportunities

This specialisation prepares graduates for a variety of career opportunities such as hospital physicist positions and research positions in a wide range of national and international Industrial Research and Development Centres. There are also opportunities for academic research to be undertaken for those willing to start a PhD degree programme in the fields of biophysics or biophotonics. Biophotonics is now an established discipline at international conferences and meetings, and every effort is being made worldwide by companies to commercialise new biosensors and other biomedical probes.
The career opportunities offered to the graduates range from the medical to the corporate environment as well as the academic career, depending on how much contact they want with patients and how much they are interested in the research component. The graduates will work closely with hospital or industrial teams during their fourth year project to prepare them for their career choice.

More information

For more information see Medical Physics and Imaging Technology.