Pacific Studies


The Centre for Pacific Studies is the focal point for research and teaching about the Pacific at the University of Auckland. The Centre is a global leader in the study of the Pacific, centered around the Fale Pasifika building the largest of its kind.

Areas of study

Pacific Studies is available as a major or minor for the Bachelor of Arts. You can also take elective courses in Pacific Studies if you are majoring and minoring in different subjects in your BA. Pacific Studies aims to allow you to explore the many sides of Pacific life from history and culture to language, art and performance to develop your knowledge of the Pacific region. You may be able to take Pacific language courses as electives or for General Education, depending on your degree.

You can study Pacific Studies in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Rather than look at the Pacific through one set of eyes, Pacific Studies tackles it in different ways — combining analyses from different disciplinary areas across the Faculty and using a multi-pronged, interdisciplinary approach to critically analyse the region and its peoples and cultures

Pacific Studies analyses Pacific countries, as well as Pacific people who have settled overseas in Australia, the United States and New Zealand, seeking to make sense of our changing cultures, globalisation and our place in the world.

Our staff are nationally and internationally acclaimed researchers and teachers and include winners of prestigious Marsden Fund grants from the Royal Society.

Career opportunities

Pacific Studies can help prepare you to understand, work and live in a culturally dynamic and diverse society.

Pacific Studies aims to develops your analytical, research, writing and presentation abilities, which can be ideal in a range of careers.

More information

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