Secondary Teaching


Secondary school teachers come from a wide range of backgrounds. If you already have a degree in a subject area taught at secondary school level, you can apply to study a one-year teaching programme to qualify to teach your curriculum subject(s) in secondary schools.

Areas of study

Educational theory and practice specific to secondary teaching and adolescents. Curriculum courses specific to your qualification and teaching subject(s).

You can study Secondary Teaching in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You’ll receive thorough preparation for your role as a professional educator, including extensive practical teaching experience (practicum) in schools/classrooms to apply what you are learning, to understand what is like to teach in a classroom/school, and develop your own teaching style.

Career opportunities

You’ll be qualified to teach at secondary school level, utilising your undergraduate degree to teach one or more secondary school subjects. The programme can also lead to other education-related careers such as training, council and community education initiatives and education programmes in other organisations.

More information

For more information see Secondary Teaching. See also Physical Education as another option to teach at secondary school level.