Social Work


A social worker works with individuals, groups, families and communities to overcome the social challenges they face. Studying Social Work gives you the knowledge, skills and professional base required to be an effective practising social worker who can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Areas of study

The social work environment, the theory and practice of social work as a profession, psychology and sociology in social services, cultural diversity, professional communication skills. You can major in Child and Family Practice; Health Social Work Practice or Youth Services Practice from your second year onward (or choose to generalise).

You can study Social Work in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will develop skills in direct practice, advocacy, management, social development and policy, based on a sound understanding of relevant theory. You will build your confidence and have access to the most recent research and information to enter into social work practice with skills to help you succeed. The emphasis of the programme is on developing culturally grounded and responsive practitioners who understand the cultural setting of their client community. You will get first-hand experience through supervised placements in social work agencies.

Career opportunities

You will be a qualified social worker and eligible to work in a wide range of fields including health, child and family services, child protection and justice, youth, schools, metal health, disability services, probation service and community organisations. You might work in direct service with clients, or in policy, research or teaching. There is a reported shortage of qualified social workers in the workforce and an increasing demand from large social services organisations to recruit only qualified and registered social workers. With your qualification in social work you will be ready to take on a wide range of opportunities.

More information

For more information see Social Work.