Studying teaching can qualify you to become a teacher in your chosen study area of Early Childhood Education, Primary teaching or Secondary teaching. There are opportunities to specialise in teaching in Te Reo Māori in primary/intermediate schools,or to focus on Pasifika Early Childhood Education.

Areas of study

You will study effective teaching techniques and practice, educational theory and how children learn. You will learn the curriculum for your area of teaching and the related subject content and achievement objectives.

You can study Teaching in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will learn how to be an effective teacher in today’s world. You will be able to apply best practice and educational theory to your teaching and gain a good understanding of the learning and development needs of the age group you are teaching. You will get many opportunities through practicum in schools to apply what you are learning, to understand what is like to teach in a school/centre, and develop your own teaching style.

Career opportunities

Studying teaching will enable you to become a qualified teacher in your chosen area of study (early childhood, primary or secondary teaching). You will be eligible to apply for teacher registration. It can also open up opportunities to work in other education-related roles and services.

More information

For more information see Teaching. Graduate Diploma in Teaching. See also Physical Education.