Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages


Do you want to prepare for a future in teaching English or another language? Are you interested in how and why people learn languages?

TESOL is designed to give you a good understanding of English and second language learning from a language teaching perspective.

Areas of study

You can start by understanding how to analyse language and learning about how people learn languages as well as how they are effectively taught. Later stages involve studying how to develop curriculum, how to incorporate tasks in language teaching and the use of literature or technology.

You can study Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will first develop your skills and knowledge in language analysis, language teaching and learning. At a more advanced level you will learn about the principles and practices of designing and delivering language teaching tasks, lessons and courses. A BA major in TESOL will equip you with concepts and skills that you can later develop through a teacher training qualification.

Career opportunities

Although a Bachelor of Arts in TESOL is not a formal teaching qualification, it can lay the groundwork for a career in language teaching both nationally and overseas. By learning how language teaching works and gaining an understanding of curriculum and lesson planning, you can prepare yourself for success in a formal teacher training qualification. TESOL can also be useful for careers in education and policy, local and national government, diplomacy, tourism and more.

More information

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