Vision Science


The study of the structure and function of the visual system from the optical end organ through to the visual processing areas of the brain and the parts of the brain that control eye movements. Vision science topics are included in a range of courses across Optometry, Psychology, Bioscience and Health Science.

Areas of study

Vision Science is a wide topic and includes human and animal vision. Bioengineering and engineering approaches include computer vision and machine vision.

You can study Vision Science in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Topics within this broad area can be selected from optics, (including lenses and lens systems, structure and function of the different types of eyes) through to complex visual processing involving mechanisms. The study of advanced areas of optics in physics and engineering is also available depending on your background and interests.

Career opportunities

As for any degree in Science including industry, research, and teaching.

More information

For more information see Optometry,  the clinical application of vision science.