Construction Management


The diverse requirements of modern construction have come together to define a new breed of professionals responsible for virtually all aspects of planning and leadership in construction.

The new construction professional needs to be competent to deal with a range of complex issues relating to construction project management, including:

  • Project management.
  • Construction procurement methods and processes.
  • Contract management and administration.
  • Risk management approaches, tools and techniques.
  • Engineering cost management.
  • Management of quality, environment, safety and health.

Areas of study

There are three core courses, and a range of elective courses to suit individual and professional career development needs and personal career development plans.

Course electives include construction management, civil engineering administration, project management, asset management, construction logistics, cost engineering, risk management and work-based learning.



You can study Construction Management in the following programmes:

What you will learn

The Master of Engineering Studies in Construction Management aims to provide graduates with an in-depth understanding of the construction management discipline applied in the modern construction industry.

A graduate from the programme will have substantially increased understanding of project and programme management in construction; its funding and procurement processes in NZ and worldwide; engineering risk management and cost engineering of the construction process.

Career opportunities

Graduates will be provided with the knowledge and skills to equip them for a career as a construction manager within the New Zealand construction industry and international construction industries.

More information

Master of Engineering Studies in Construction Management