Child and Adolescent Mental Health


This specialisation within the Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences is designed for graduates in nursing, medicine, occupational therapy, psychology, or social work who are working in a child and adolescent mental health service, or similar, and want to develop relevant skills and knowledge.

Areas of study

Certificate courses focus on child and adolescent development, psychopathology, assessment, formulation and treatment planning. Postgraduate diploma courses focus on particular age ranges or kinds of work with children and adolescents, for example, infant mental health, forensics, and cognitive behavioural therapy.  

You can study Child and Adolescent Mental Health in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Postgraduate certificate

Development: Typical and selected atypical development of children and adolescents.

Psychopathology: Aetiology of common child and adolescent mental health disorders, application and critical evaluation of the DSM.

Assessment, formulation and treatment planning in relation to child and adolescent mental health problems.

Postgraduate diploma

How to work with particular populations and/or to practice particular treatments. Also research methods and/or how evidence is generated and evaluated.

Career opportunities

The certificate programme is considered to provide an important foundation for clinical work in child and adolescent mental health. Over the years it has become well known and highly regarded in the sector.

Further courses (diploma, masters, doctorates) have a more specific focus and are for career development in child and adolescent mental health services and similar services.

More information

A limited number of fully funded places are available for applicants who meet certain criteria – read about these in the following: