Ancient Greece has given us a significant linguistic, literary and cultural heritage. Studying ancient Greek language, thought and culture is as valuable as ever. The intellectual culture of Ancient Greece is at the root of European learning. The Greeks invented history, philosophy, political science, physics and theoretical mathematics. Ancient Greek is the language of the New Testament, and the Hebrew Bible was translated into ancient Greek as early as the third century BC.

Areas of study

Postgraduate study in Ancient Greek involves advanced study of the language and of literary texts in the original. Courses reflect the research strengths of the Department of Classics and Ancient History, which include: drama, epic and lyric poetry, historiography, philosophy and rhetoric. Each year a different range of courses is made available. 

You can study Greek in the following programmes:

What you will learn

You will develop an advanced understanding of the Greek language involving any or all of the following: translation into Greek, grammatical, syntactical and stylistic analysis of Greek prose and/or verse, and translation into English and explanation of entire works or selected passages of Greek poetry or prose.

Career opportunities

Previous graduate students have gone on to further higher degrees, to academic positions in Britain, the USA and New Zealand, and to careers in law, teaching, and business.

More information

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