Korea has emerged as one of the most important countries in Asia, with a unique cultural tradition and rapid development over the past 50 years. Today Korea’s dynamic and vibrant culture attracts global attention. Korea is one of New Zealand's major trade partners. There are other links between Korea and New Zealand, with a large community of Korean immigrants in New Zealand, and New Zealanders working in South Korea.

Areas of study

At postgraduate level you can study Korean language acquisition and translation. There are no Bachelor of Arts (Honours) or Master of Arts programmes in Korean. You may take postgraduate courses in Korean as part of a programme in another subject.

Other programmes where you could include courses in Korean include: Asian Studies, Comparative Literature, Language Teaching, Languages and Literature, Linguistics, Translation and Interpreting.

You can study Korean in the following programmes:

What you will learn

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Career opportunities

Graduates in Korean have careers in international organisations, NGOs, the NZ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and other areas of government. You might also work for a multinational company or a New Zealand company in Asia, or within New Zealand's Asian communities

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