Applied Mathematics


Applied Mathematics is an essential part of the development of advances in science and technology. Mathematical and computational techniques are used widely in areas such as the biological sciences, information technology, climatology, combustion and emission control, and finance and investment.

Areas of study

Taught courses include dynamical systems, advanced partial differential equations, mathematical biology, applied differential equations, advanced numerical analysis, linear systems, inverse problems. The masters programme is by thesis.

You can study Applied Mathematics in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Graduate study in mathematics can enable you to indulge your academic enthusiasm or satisfy your intellectual curiosity, at the same time providing you with advanced knowledge and problem-solving skills applicable in any number of fields.

Career opportunities

In this information age, a postgraduate qualification in the mathematical sciences can place you well for a career in commerce, education, industry or science. Attractive opportunities exist in biotechnology, computing, finance, meteorology, systems analysis, school and university teaching, and many other fields. Mathematics graduates with honours are particularly sought after.

More information

For a list of postgraduate research topics in applied mathematics, see