Biosecurity and Conservation


The postgraduate programmes in biosecurity and conservation are designed for those interested in these rapidly growing fields. Graduates will be equipped to understand the natural environment (both terrestrial and aquatic), protect it from biosecurity threats and enhance its biodiversity values.

Areas of study

The programmes cover a range of topics including new discoveries in contemporary environmental and life sciences and their translation into tools for the management of invasive species and the restoration of functioning ecosystems. The programmes will also offer networking opportunities for students to meet practitioners and leaders from the biosecurity and conservation sectors and related research areas.

You can study Biosecurity and Conservation in the following programmes:

What you will learn

Graduates will receive advanced training and learn more about invasion biology and the science behind current biosecurity and conservation issues.

Career opportunities

Potential opportunities for graduates include employment throughout the biosecurity and conservation sector in organisations such as MAF (Biosecurity New Zealand), local government, research consultancies, private pest control companies, non-governmental conservation organisations, Department of Conservation, Crown Research Institutes, and the tertiary education sector.

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