Computer Science


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Areas of study

We have strong research activities in algorithmic information theory, artificial intelligence, combinatorics, data compression, data communications and networks, distributed computing, graphics, image processing, logic, multimedia and hypermedia systems, neural networks, parallel computation, programming languages and systems, robotics, software engineering, software security, theory of computation, and visual programming, clustered in several substantial research groups.

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Career opportunities

While businesses has made extensive use of computers for many years, there are now significant uses of computer technology in many other industries, such as manufacturing, transport, communication, health care and entertainment. In particular, the Internet is changing the way we communicate and the way in which business is done. Almost all companies today make use of computer technology and require professional staff with computer expertise to develop and maintain the systems they use. Software development, a focus of study in computer science, plays a major role in a wide range of businesses and industries.

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