Environmental Science


Environmental Science is the interdisciplinary study of natural and managed environments, with an emphasis on the scientific approach to environmental problem-solving. We are dedicated to the need to protect and restore our natural heritage, to minimise our personal and collective ecological 'footprints; and, where necessary, to remediate past environmental degradation. Our central philosophy is a commitment to interdisciplinary teaching and research that will better enable our society to manage our environment and resources.

Areas of study

The programme includes aspects of environmental effects assessment and monitoring, water quality, air quality, freshwater and terrestrial ecology, environment restoration, sustainable management of ecosystems, rare species management, biodiversity monitoring, pest invasions, risk assessment, waste minimisation and contaminated site assessment.

You can study Environmental Science in the following programmes:

What you will learn

At postgraduate level, the emphasis is on preparing you for a career in environmental science. The focus is on the application of your graduate skills (eg, in biology, chemistry, physics, geology, geography) in environmental effects assessment and mitigation or remediation. For example, you will learn how to assess ecological change, water quality, contaminated sites and air quality, as well as conservation project management techniques, the application of computer modelling to environmental problems and site restoration methods.

Career opportunities

The skills you will develop in our postgraduate programmes will equip you for many jobs in government, consultancy, environmental and community organisations, industry and education. Our graduates find employment in diverse areas, ranging from local government field officers, through to teachers, lecturers, iwi liaison and environmental officers, laboratory technicians and environmental consultants. Generally, to have a challenging career in environmental science, you need a postgraduate qualification. Employers in the sectors relevant to environmental science look for Postgraduate Diploma in Science or Master of Science degrees. They find our graduates well prepared for the diverse challenges outside the university.

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