Public Policy


Public Policy is an opportunity to focus on the field of public policy and develop your potential for leadership in the public sector. Political Studies offers Public Policy for the Master of Public Policy degree.

Areas of study

For the core of the programme you will study the nature of policy, policy design and the policy process. This gives you a broad overview and practice in using methods for policy analysis and development. All students also undertake a research project. You are encouraged to pursue your own interests within the degree structure. 

You can study Public Policy in the following programmes:

What you will learn

The Master of Public Policy (MPP) gives you a grounding in the core principles, concepts and methods of public policy. Theoretical knowledge and conceptual understandings will enable you to develop a robust approach to solving difficult public policy problems

Career opportunities

The Master of Public Policy can give you skills and knowledge for a career in public policy, local or national government, or other areas. You can develop:

  • Knowledge of political and policy processes
  • Acquaintance with issues in governance
  • Experience using tools of policy analysis and evaluation
  • The ability to apply economic and statistical analysis in policy development
  • Research and project management skills
  • Communication and team-work skills.

More information

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