Architecture (undergraduate)


Architects today find themselves working in a world with constantly expanding boundaries. The study of architecture at undergraduate level study provides a vital introduction to the architectural profession and related aspects of design that reflect the evolving requirements of the discipline. Through a stimulating combination of studio projects, lectures, critiques and practical experience you will have the opportunity to develop your design skills and creative practice.

Areas of Study

You will study a range of core courses and participate in studio design projects within each of the key areas of architectural studies:

  • Architectural Design - courses allow you to develop an awareness and understanding of the discipline and practice of architectural design in a studio context. They also enable you to acquire specific abilities and skills in preparation for advanced design courses in the higher level architecture degree, or as a basis for design practice in fields other than architecture.
  • Architectural History, Theory and Criticism - courses pose questions about the nature of architecture itself and relate architectural works to other arts as well as social and political history, courses aim to present an understanding of the place of architecture in cultures.
  • Architectural Media - courses are directed towards the participation of drawing in architectural design. The particular properties of drawing types, software and media are explored as they express their characteristics in architectural design.
  • Architectural Technology – courses cover construction and structure including study of materials, methods, assemblies, constructional and structural principles, comparative evaluations of structural systems and the principles and practice of sustainability.

You can study Architecture (undergraduate) in the following programmes:

What you will learn

The architecture courses provide an introduction to the key aspects of architecture and the related design disciplines and give you the skills required for advanced courses in the higher level architecture degree, or as a basis for creative practice in fields other than architecture.

Career opportunities

Architectural Studies graduates are prepared for a broad range of careers within the architecture, building design and construction sectors. Examples include architect*, architectural historian, building industry consultant, building technologist, computer-aided design professional, design-based librarian or archivist, heritage architect, interior designer, project manager, and urban designer.

*Following successful completion of the Master of Architecture (Professional) and professional registration.

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