“Friendly” Fluorine

They say you should start as you mean to continue. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

In fact, if I had treated this blog the way I treated my university preparation, writing it would still be on my to-do list…

the one I would write in two week’s time.

You see, for a first year student, University kind of sneaks up on you. Sure, you enroll as soon as your NCEA results come out (or at least you should!) but then you have this yawning gap of about 6 weeks where nothing is required of you. Maybe the odd friend mentions Studylink or buying course books… but you think “nah, I’ve got HEAPS of time to worry about that.”

But just like the cat in this video,

even though you know University is getting closer, you still get a shock when it suddenly pops up right in front of your face.

In short, my O-week was basically an endless string of monotonous phone calls, punctuated with noisy nights of endless dubstep in Town. It got so bad that I caught myself rocking out to the ‘on hold’ music because I couldn’t tell the difference. And what did I learn from this? Become a ninja and learn to avoid cats.

Being a ninja would also be super helpful on the way to Uni every day. The practically vertical Albert Hill is, quite literally, the bane of my existence. So far, I have consistently arrived at my first class of the day

a) bright red

b) sweaty and

c) late

You wanna fight, Albert Hill? One day I will defeat you. I’m going to get an escalator cut into you. Yeah. You got SERVED.  (Or in the escalator’s case, serviced). Lame I know. But unfortunately, dear readers, that won’t be the last terrible joke I make.

The interesting thing about my Uni classes is that the social situation is the exact opposite of what you would expect. I always thought that the out-of-towners would be the ones sitting alone, while the ‘native’ Aucklanders would hang out in pre-formed groups. But as most out-of-towners live in the halls, they know practically everyone and instead it’s us Auckland folks who are the ones sitting alone pretending to be texting (yeah, you know you do it). In short, if you are a first year Uni student living at home, it’s time to make like Mark Zuckerburg and start building your own social network. Pronto.

* Not actually my year 9 Science teacher

It’s also scary how quickly groups form. Everyone is so eager to avoid being “that loner kid”, that there is literally a frenzy of networking, and once you find another (relatively) sane individual who is willing to socialize with you, you do NOT let them out of your sight. To borrow a science concept, everyone is an atom of Fluorine (an element that reacts with everything because it needs to add one more electron to its outer shell to become stable). Or as my year 9 science teacher put it- “Fluorine is the slut of the periodic table” as it gets with anyone and anything, and won’t let go.  Harsh? Maybe. But chances are your new buddy won’t be letting go either.


So my advice for you, dear readers, is this: Enroll early, wear deodorant if you’re climbing Albert Hill and get to your first lecture on time, so you can make like fluorine.


9 Responses to ““Friendly” Fluorine”

  • Your blog is the best one I’ve read! Thanks for the tips <3

  • Nice vicky! Ergh Albert Park stairs are the bane of my life too, I will have to show you the lift short cut!!!!!! Great blog!

  • Ahahaha fluorine the slut joke had me laughing for an embarrassingly long time :P

  • Hall kids have it so easy. No treks up Albert park hill or desperate inter-lecture networking for them. Great blog, glad to know I’m not the only one with commuter woes :p

  • Come eat hall food for a week and tell me hall kids have it easy. You’ll change your mind, I promise. :P

  • Well, I must admit, coming back to home cooking does make the train ride much better haha.

  • That hill is a nightmare.. But at least we’ll get fit haha

    I agree with Zoe – after a half hour bus to my car and a half hour drive home from the bus station, Mum and Dad’s cooking is great =]

  • Hahaha man, still jumped out of my skin watching the cat video, even though I’ve seen it countless times. Awesome first blog, everybody loves a good Chemistry Cat.

  • I potentially pretend to suffer from asthma because I swear the people around me can hear my lungs going into spasms after that god awful Albert Hill.. But brilliant blog! (And kudos for inserting one of the many wonderful quotes from our year nine science teacher)

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