Can I have it for free?

The answer, dear reader, is yes. Yes you can.

As my O-week experience was less than conventional (i.e. I was unable to actually go to my main organised event for business), there is only one thing I can promise you for your first few days at the University of Auckland.

You will get free stuff. Lots of it. And I guarantee, no matter how cool and dignified you think you are, when someone hands you free energy drinks/condoms/stationary/bottle openers/noodles e.t.c, it will make your little scrounger heart rejoice. Why? Because you are a Uni student and are almost definitely strapped for cash.  Anything you can get without paying is a little victory on behalf of your empty wallet. Even if you don’t want it, you will just shrug and utter the key phrase of every O-week student:

“Might as well. They’re free.”

I believe, ladies and gentlemen, that the above phrase entirely sums up O-week. Once you get past the initial rush of excitement (and you do get that five-year-old-starting-school feeling on your first day at least), it’s a very laid back and cruise-y week, in which you can partake in as many free opportunities as you wish. Sure, some of the advice lectures tend to be a little dull but if you can take away at least one useful tip or snippet of info from them, then it was worth going.  It’s also a good week to do all the boring admin stuff like DELNA screenings and waiting in queues. So go.

Now at this point, you may be thinking “Well gee, O-week sounds a little less exciting than I expected”. I felt exactly the same way. But guess what? The second week (which I have officially dubbed Q-week), is when the real fun begins. That’s right kiddies. INTRO LECTURES! STALLS! MUSICS! NEW FRIENDS! MORE FREE STUFF! CAPITAL LETTERS!

Q-week beats out O-week for me for two reasons:

1. The amount of energy and life increased tenfold (see image below). This bought about more things to do/see/grab/eat and also loosened up my BCom associates whom I had previously (and incorrectly) perceived as “spiky” (they were probably all just shy, bless them).

Thanks to Sarah for the use of her surprisingly HQ camera phone

2. I got to start four very different relationships with my first semester papers…

ACCTG 101 a.ka Accounting
After having a (very) brief romance with this subject as a 14 year old girl, I have since held a slight superiority complex over Accounting, it’s reputation for boredom causing me to consider it out of my league. But it’s trying to impress me, with youtube videos, references to memes and constant repetitions of how much I need it and how useful it can be to me. So I am giving us a chance and seeing if we have any chemistry left.

BUSINESS 101 a.k.a Business (suprise!)
What can I say. This subject had me at “You can watch your weekly 1 hour lecture whenever you like”. With a very low maintenance attitude and easy-on-the-eyes course readings, this has been the most charming subject so far. It even lets me talk to other guys, during my weekly two hour workshop. I’m just hoping it’s not all too good to be true.

ECON 101 a.k.a Microeconomics
Me and Economics have been together for a long time. Four years in fact. It’s had a special place in my heart and I plan on us spending our future together. However, this year, we seem to be going through the motions, as the course just offers the same information it has offered in previous years of schooling. However, we may be able to find an even deeper and fulfilling love, though it will take a lot of work.

STATS 108 a.k.a Statistics
I’m not going to lie, most people are in an arranged marriage with this course, forced to take it because their degree told them they must or they would be disowned. I happen to be one of those people. Despite the obvious mark of blackmailing that hangs on it’s social status, it remains proud and tough, making me spend our first 15 minutes together doing a written test.  It’s a tough mistress and it scares me, but I remain hopeful I can become it’s equal someday.

They weren't kidding about information explosion...

Okay, so to wrap up, one more brief word of advice. Don’t buy textbooks/coursebooks until you are told you NEED them (notice the choice of the word “need”). In the above picture are all my text/coursebooks. The ones on the left are the ones I didn’t need to buy and cost me over $150. SAVE YOUR MONEY, MY POOR WEE SOULS!

4 Responses to “Can I have it for free?”

  • Just tried to watch the first weekly one hour BUS101 webcast, but then i got distracted. Damn you facebook! Maybe I will come and join you for the screening sessions after all.

  • I’m too afraid to even start it, in case it drains my internet and leaves me unable to watch pointless youtube videos :O

  • I know im not at auckland but i still have to leave my mark :p Good job Zoe your blog is really cool. I managed to finish it and i wasnt bored at all. Proud of u!

  • Haha thanks, I’m glad I managed to capture your attention for that long! Also I’m pleased you think it’s cool :3

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