Telecommunications Guidelines


Under the Telecoms Policy all mobile devices connected to the University mobile account must be obtained through the University Mobile Phone Co-ordinator. 


These guidelines apply to all University staff.


These guidelines provide further explanation, examples and procedures for implementing the Telecommunication policy. 


  • Appropriate use of mobile devices
  • Eligibility for mobile devises
  • Security

Appropriate use of mobile devices

The following principles should be observed by all staff using University funded mobile devices:

  • Mobile calls should be Kept to a minimum to minimize costs
  • Mobile phones (devices) should not be used whilst driving a motor vehicle, unless using a hands free kit
  • Reasonable care must be taken to prevent accidental damage, loss or theft of mobile devices
  • Mobile data cards should only be used where no landline broadband connection is available, or where a mobile connection is the most cost effective
  • Users need to make themselves familiar with costs that apply to their connection
  • Staff need to check monthly usage costs and reimburse the University for excessive personal costs
  • Mobile devices must not be used for creation or transmission of illegal or offensive material or purposes

Eligibility for mobile devices

The following are examples of when a staff member may be eligible for a mobile device:

  • Staff who work away from their office and need to be contacted regularly or urgently on University business
  • Field  staff  who  spend  significant  time  outside  the  office  and  who  do  not  have reasonable access to landline telephones while having a regular and demonstrated need to be contacted
  • Staff required to be contacted outside normal hours of work
  • Staff  who  may  have  specific  health  and  safety  or  security  needs  in  relation  to responsibilities associated with their role
  • Staff will be allocated a mobile phone from the University mobile phone range that meet’s their role’s requirements.


  • All mobile devices must have passwords set to restrict access to the device holder and to ensure that  all University information contained within a mobile device is  kept confidential
  • The University reserves the right to perform a remote wipe of any device connected to the University mobile plan should there be evidence that the device and/or the information contained on it has been compromised in any way


The following definitions apply to these guidelines:

Mobile calls includes calls from University landlines or mobiles to other mobile phones, in any destination

Mobile devices include mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs, pagers and tablets

University means the University of Auckland including all subsidiaries

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Date issued: December 2014