SDG 1 No Poverty

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Top 10 Scopus publications by citation (2014-2018)

Women and Health: The key for sustainable development

Source: The Lancet (2015)
Authors: Langer, A., Meleis, A., Knaul, F.M., Atun, R., Aran, M., Arreola-Ornelas, H., Bhutta, Z.A., Binagwaho, A., Bonita, R., Caglia, J.M., Claeson, M., Davies, J., Donnay, F.A., Gausman, J.M., Glickman, C., Kearns, A.D., Kendall, T., Lozano, R., Seboni, N., Sen, G., Sindhu, S., Temin, M., Frenk, J.

Making poverty into a financial problem: From global poverty lines to

Source: Journal of International Development (2014)
Author: Schwittay, A.F.

Urban poverty, structural violence and welfare provision for 100 families in Auckland

Source: Urban Studies (2014)
Authors: Hodgetts, D., Chamberlain, K., Groot, S., Tankel, Y.

Development-induced displacement in Asia: Conflicts, risks, and resilience

Source: Development in Practice (2015)
Authors: Neef, A., Singer, J.

Tourism for development and the new global aid regime

Source: Global Social Policy (2015)
Authors: Lacey, A., Ilcan, S.

Designing development: Humanitarian design in the financial inclusion assemblage

Source: Political and Legal Anthropology Review (2014)
Author: Schwittay, A.

Constraints to the growth of small firms in Northwest Myanmar

Source: Journal of Asian Economics (2015)
Authors: Bah, E.H.M., Cooper, G.

Scaling inclusive digital innovation successfully: The case of crowdfunding social enterprises

Source: Innovation and Development (2016)
Authors: Braund, P., Schwittay, A.

Enacting the Millennium Development Goals: Political technologies of calculation and the counter-calculation of poverty in Namibia

Source: Globalizations (2015)
Authors: Ilcan, S., Lacey, A.

Addressing child maltreatment in New Zealand: Is poverty reduction enough?

Source: Educational Philosophy and Theory (2014)
Authors: Dare, T., Vaithianathan, R., De Haan, I.