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Professor Rochelle Constantine standing at the waterfront with children fishing in the background.

18 May 2023

Feature: Preserving the delicate balance of life in under-threat marine ecosystems takes effort. Owen Poland talks to University of Auckland scientists about their work to protect this precious environment.

Sustainable impact

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Arts and culture

  • Caro Manins and Roger in performance. She is singing, he's playing sax

    23 May 2023

    Roger and Caroline Manins, founders of the Creative Jazz Club, talk about how it provides an outlet for budding performers.

  • 22 May 2023

    Documentary filmmaker Annie Goldson lists some titles she’ll be checking out at the upcoming Doc Edge Film Festival (24 May to 9 July) and offers a sneak preview of her latest project. The professor of communication at the University of Auckland is this year’s ‘Doc Edge Superhero’.

  • Conceptual image of human face emerging out of data board

    20 May 2023

    Opinion: In order to do as humans do, AI systems have to learn from us. But who is teaching them? Pretty much all of us. That we're not being paid for our labours is a form exploitation, says Fabio Morreale.

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Politics and law

  • Woman choosing wine from bewildering choice on supermarket shelves

    25 May 2023

    Opinion: Supermarkets battled Auckland Council for six expensive years over alcohol licensing but as Melissa-Jade Gregan explains, many local authorities without its resources have dropped their policies or diluted them significantly to avoid costly legal battles

  • The Honourable Tony Randerson CNZM KC, Senior Lecturer Nikki Chamberlain, Thomsen Reuters Senior Product Developer Renay Taylor and Associate Professor Stephen Penk

    24 May 2023

    A lot needs to change to protect people's privacy and enable individuals to act when their rights are breached, say the editors of the country's most comprehensive book on privacy law in New Zealand.

  • Graphic of mask being held in front of a face

    23 May 2023

    Opinion: Police, prosecutors, and judges are too often conned into thinking victims are the 'real' perpetrators, that they are overreacting, or brought the abuse on themselves, says Carrie Leonetti.

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