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Business and economy

  • Janine Swail

    10 June 2024

    Gender roles and stereotypes influence why women leave their businesses, and a new paper highlights the challenges female entrepreneurs face in balancing work and family.

  • Asha Sundaram portrait

    4 June 2024

    Opinion: Female employees are relatively worse off when an economy faces headwinds. So what can be done to reduce the burden?

  • Kate Ricketts at CIE

    4 June 2024

    Entrepreneur, mother and University of Auckland staff member Kate Ricketts has launched a business that tackles the scourge and stigma of headlice.

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Education and society

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  • Kelsey Miller

    4 June 2024

    Kelsey Miller is fighting on the frontlines against the kina barrens that are taking over large swathes of our coastal rocky reefs – but kina, says the marine scientist, are not the enemy.

  • Professor Andrew Jeffs

    28 May 2024

    Environmental gains from aquaculture are possible, University of Auckland and US researchers show.

  • Urban designer Zoë Avery

    2 May 2024

    To help address the ‘polycrisis’ of climate change, biodiversity collapse and energy consumption, our cities need to be greener, healthier and more sustainable. Urban designer Zoë Avery is leading the charge.

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Health and medicine

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Politics and law

  • Israel Palestine border

    31 May 2024

    Opinion: NZ’s position on recognising Palestinian statehood is a muddled, awkward fence-sitting one, especially when international opinion is turning towards recognition as a tool for peace, says Treasa Dunworth

  • popeyes istock

    22 May 2024

    The Popeyes' battle shows how big businesses protect their trademarks – even when they have no plans to come to New Zealand, writes Alexandra Allen-Franks.

  • istock-1600

    15 May 2024

    The political system has almost completely wiped its hands of any overriding duty to ensure people have access to electricity, writes Professor Jodi Gardner.

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