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Fiona Yoon

16 November 2023

Two standout prototypes from Design students at the University blend cutting-edge technology with a compassionate and empathetic approach.

Sustainable impact

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Business and economy

  • men chasing groceries istock

    8 December 2023

    By targeting interest rates with its official cash rate hikes, the Reserve Bank is trying to fight price increases by putting up a major price, writes Tim Hazledine.

  • Colleagues sitting in office laughing together

    30 November 2023

    At home or in the office, workplace fun isn't a one-size-fits-all affair – leaders need to acknowledge that and offer a safe environment, according to a recent study.

  • congested traffic in auckland

    30 November 2023

    Uber-style surge pricing, adjusted in real-time according to road speeds and conditions, would be a good way to tackle congestion charging, writes Tim Hazledine.

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Education and society

  • Dame Anne at Pitt Rivers Museum while filming Greenstone TV series 'Artefact'. Photo: Jeremy Salmond

    5 December 2023

    A trip back through 40 years of thinking and writing about Māori, Pākehā and Pacific worlds, and the places they meet, is the wide-ranging scope of Dame Anne Salmond’s latest book.

  • 8 November 2023

    Waipapa Taumata Rau, University of Auckland Professor Stephen May (FRSNZ) has been awarded Te Apārangi, Royal Society of New Zealand’s prestigious Mason Durie Medal.

  • 2 November 2023

    Two Waipapa Taumatau Rau, Univeristy of Auckland projects that hope to level the playing field for student poorly served in the education system have won Marsden funding from the Royal Society Te Apārangi.

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The Challenge

  • Professor Annie Goldson has made significant contributions to the country's screen landscape.

    7 December 2023

    Professor Annie Goldson received a 2023 University Research Impact Award for her work as a film maker behind award winning documentaries that encourage critical thinking about stories from Aotearoa.

  • Dr Samuel Mehr employs multiple disciplines to understand the nature of music.

    7 December 2023

    Dr Samuel Mehr’s work was acknowledged with a 2023 Early Career Research Excellence medal from the University. De Mehr’s research unites cognitive and data science, anthropology and cross cultural approaches to explore why all cultures have music.

  • Skeleton of the chimpanzee Tschego in Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Credit: Javier Virués-Ortega

    30 November 2023

    Associate Professor Javier Virués-Ortega has turned detective to solve the case of long-forgotten chimpanzees who helped redefine how we view animal and hunam intelligence.

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