Questions about giving

Find answers to the questions we're most frequently asked by our donors.

The University of Auckland is a government supported University. Why does it need my help?

Because government guaranteed funding currently only provides one-third of the University’s annual operating budget, private funding supports many special programmes and projects not possible through conventional funding sources. Examples of these are chairs, fellowships and scholarships in all academic disciplines, research efforts and building projects.

What are the tax benefits of making a gift?

As of 1 April 2008, gifts of money by New Zealand resident taxpayers to a charity receive exceptionally favourable treatment: namely a 33 1/3 % rebate on any gift (up to a limit of total net income for all gifts in a given tax year). For example, if a donor makes a gift of $15,000 it costs the donor only $10,000, once the $5,000 rebate is taken into consideration.

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How should I make out a cheque and where should I send it?

How do I make a gift to a department to show my gratitude for the education I received at the University of Auckland?

Many people show their appreciation for a favourite faculty member or for the life-changing experiences they realised during their years at the University of Auckland by supporting a specific department or area of the University. A member of the Development staff is available to talk with you about how and where you would like to designate your gift.

If you have a specific area of interest, please go to our staff listing page to send an email or make a phone call to the development professional in the area in which you are interested.

You can also choose where to designate your gift when you donate online through this website, by browsing our A-Z list of funds.

How do I specify where I want my gift to go?

A donor may specify the gift designation by writing a letter stating the intent or by creating a Gift Agreement with the University of Auckland Foundation, the School of Medicine Foundation or the University itself, particularly for already existing restricted funds.

You can also choose a specific fund to donate to when making a donation online.

What is the difference between a designated gift and an unrestricted gift?

A designated gift (also called a restricted gift) is used for the purpose the donor states when making the gift. An unrestricted gift's use is determined by the Trustees of the charity that receives the gift.

What is the difference between current use and endowed gifts?

You have the option of designating your gift for current use or for an endowment. Current-use gifts provide funds and flexibility over the short term, whereas endowment gifts provide security over the long term by expanding the University’s permanent financial base and creating a predictable source of future annual income.

Are electronic receipts provided for all donors?

An important part of every gift is to ensure that donors receive donation receipts promptly.

From April 2020 onwards, if we hold an email address for you we will send your donation receipt electronically. Having your receipt electronically will make it easier to upload it when using the option offered by IRD to claim your tax credits online.

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To find out more, please contact John Bird.

John Bird, Acting Foundation Administrator.