What was the For All Our Futures Campaign?

At no time in human history has the world been as complex and rapidly changing as it is today. We face challenges to our traditional way of doing things and opportunities to create for ourselves, our children and our communities an exciting, new and as yet unimagined future.

Research universities have a unique role to play in creating this future. Only they both generate new knowledge and provide the highest levels of formal education.

This creates opportunities for our society to adapt to the technological revolution and the changing nature of work, to give all our young people access to high quality education, to respond to explosive new diseases and intractable old ones, to address the needs of an ageing population, and to limit and adapt to climate change and environmental pressures.

At the University of Auckland we have the capability to do this – students who are among the best in the country, academics who constitute the greatest number of top-ranked researchers in New Zealand and, increasingly, outstanding facilities for teaching and research.

But to achieve great things for New Zealand and the world, we need the support and partnership of those who also want to make a difference, those whose ambition and generosity will be the vital factors in ensuring we all have fulfilling, healthy and prosperous lives.

The University launched the For All Our Futures Campaign to provide the enhanced resources and strengthened capability we need to have a lasting impact on the challenges and opportunities we face – to ask audacious questions, and to be ambitious in our search for answers.

The Campaign concluded on 31 October 2019.  We are humbled by the generosity of our donors and supporters.  Together we have already achieved great things.

Over the coming months we'll be publishing more details about the Campaign, including the total amount raised and the real change it will enable.