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The Faculty of Science is New Zealand’s largest and most highly ranked science faculty, hosting a wealth of leading-edge research programmes.

Sally Watson, Niwa co-appointee

Our four joint graduate schools are partnerships between the University of Auckland and New Zealand's Crown Research Institutes.

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This national Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE), is a cross-disciplinary group of researchers from Science, Engineering and Medical and Health Sciences.

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Big data

Our Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) seeks to build a transdisciplinary community for turning complex data into knowledge, tools, and insights.

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SBS student researchers

Our research ranges from biomedical, microbial and plant biotechnology to environmental, ecological and conservation science.

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We have expertise in a diverse range of areas from materials and fundamental chemistry to green chemical science, food, wine and human health.

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Our research ranges from AI and human-computer interactions to computer vision, networking, mobile technology, software engineering and cybersecurity.

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We have expertise in areas such as earth sciences, environmental change, hazards and disasters, Population mobility, urban spaces, tectonics and volcanology.

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Health and rehabilitation clinic

We have four major research areas covering areas of exercise and physical activity, health and reablement, human performance and neurodiscovery.

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Coral reef and fish underwater

We have expertise in aquaculture, biodiversity and conservation, environmental management, marine megafauna and marine social-ecology.

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Our research covers areas such as algebra and combinatorics, geometry, topology and analysis, applied mathematics and mathematics education.

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Physics equipment

We have expertise in astronomy, astrophysics, particles, atoms, molecules, optics, climate, geophysics, and materials, measurements and interfaces.

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Our research covers areas of clinical psychology, speech science, social issues, developmental, language, culture and evolutionary psychology.

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We apply our expertise to areas such as Bayesian statistics, forensics, biomedical data, modern regression, probability, computing, ecology and education.

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Caitlin Blain

Every fortnight we ask one of our scientists a series of 10 questions to get a glimpse into their current research and collaborations.

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Auckland city skyline at night

inSCight is our annual magazine that highlights science academics and their research alongside stories from our students and alumni.

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Be a part of the research happening in the Faculty of Science.

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ShaRE equipment

Explore the equipment and expertise supporting research within the Faculty.

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Wine Science student

Contact your school or department’s Graduate Adviser to find a supervisor.

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