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Te Kura Mātauranga Pāngarau | Mathematics has been called the language of the universe. It provides concepts and techniques fundamental to many branches of social and natural sciences.

Person writing down mathematical formulas

We offer a wide range of courses in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mathematics Education.

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Dr Sina Greenwood, mathematics graduate.

Meet our students and graduates and find out where their Mathematics degree has taken them.

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Dr Pedram Hekmati, Department of Mathematics

We have internationally recognised scholars committed to the University's mandate of producing high-quality research and teaching.

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Maths isn't just theoretical, it helps us to engage with the world and have an impact.

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Menger sponge, mathematics.

Our internationally recognised research spans a wide range of topics in pure mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematics education.

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Discover some of the exciting research happening in the Department with our selection of interviews from early-career and up-and-coming academics.

Equations on a whiteboard.

As part of our commitment to equal opportunities, we celebrate our many talented women mathematicians.

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Three male Mt Albert Grammar School students posing with maths teacher Michael Walden

The Margaret and John Kalman Trust have generously sponsored a Teacher Excellence Prize valued at $5,000 and five Teacher Fellowships, valued at $5,000 each to acknowledge and support the amazing work being done by secondary school mathematics and statistics teachers in the Auckland region.

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Mathematics news

Keep up to date with the latest Science and Mathematics news

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Tanya Evans writers festival

Search for upcoming public events in the Faculty of Science.

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Maths students

View important notices about scholarship opportunities, competitions and more.

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