Kalman Charitable Trust prizes and fellowships

The Margaret and John Kalman Charitable Trust offer four Teacher Excellence Prizes and five Fellowships each year to secondary school mathematics teachers.

Margaret and John Kalman Trust Teacher Excellence Prizes

The Margaret and John Kalman Trust have generously sponsored four prizes of $5,000 each to acknowledge the amazing work being done by secondary school mathematics and statistics teachers in the Auckland region.

The 2019 selection panel - Steven Galbraith, Rachel Passmore and a representative from the Trust - had a difficult task due to the high quality of applications received. Our congratulations go to the recipients of the 2019 Kalman Trust Teacher Excellence Prizes. 

The winners will be awarded their prizes at their school’s end of year prize-giving. They will also be invited to spend a day with the Department early next year with a group of their students.We are very grateful to the Margaret and John Kalman Trust for their generous, continuing and increasing support for this and several other schemes to increase awareness of mathematics at all levels.

2019 Teacher Excellence winners

Ro Bairstow | King’s College

Ro has developed a number of different digital resources including BestMathsOnline (www.bestmaths.net). He has generously shared all the resources he has developed for free and intends to use this prize to fund further development of new resources. Ro has developed a number of iBooks for use on ipads for a variety of curriculum levels and has embedded in these resources self-diagnostic tests and simple game apps that have helped students to master new concepts.

Sunny Dama | Pakuranga College

Sunny has only been teaching for a couple of years but has already made a huge contribution to the learning outcomes of his students and established himself as a leader within the Pakuranga College Mathematics department. He has been instrumental in delivering multiple teaching innovations including supporting top scholars to enrol in a University paper studied extra-murally, exploring the origins of mathematics and promoting Maths-themed events such as Pi Day.

Liz Sneddon | Ormiston Senior College

Liz has transformed the teaching practices and pedagogy of the entire Level 1 Maths team at Ormiston, demonstrating outstanding leadership skills. She has regularly presented at professional development events and her workshops are often packed. In fact they have become so popular she has developed some webinars to allow teachers in other parts of the country to benefit from her expertise. She is particularly recognised for the time she has invested in developing new resources to support teaching statistics.

Sally van Praag | Albany High School

Sally has conducted an action research project into learner agency in partnership with her Year 13 Calculus students. Sally has compiled an impressive range of resources into a single website and then the students take responsibility for goal-setting and the pace at which they proceed. This pedagogical innovation has proved to be very successful and the approach is now being adopted by others at Albany High School. Her workshops at professional development events have been extremely popular and have had to be repeated such was the demand.

Kalman Teacher Fellowships

The Margaret and John Kalman Charitable Trust support a fellowship scheme to promote leadership within the mathematics teaching community.

From 2019 to 2021, the scheme will offer five mathematics teachers from the Auckland region the opportunity to participate in a year-long fellowship programme in the department. 

Fellowships are worth $5000; $1000 is an honorarium which goes direct to the Fellow with the remaining $4000 used mainly to cover the Fellow's time away from their teaching duties while they participate in Fellowship activities.

The chosen Kalman Teacher Fellows will collaborate with each other throughout the year on projects connected to a central theme, as well as interacting with the department’s Mathematics Education researchers and other academics.They will also participate in seminars, assist with resource development, upskill their content knowledge and develop their leadership skills.

2019 Kalman Fellows

This year's fellows are:

  • Sam Carroll, Waiheke High School
  • Jared Hockly*, Western Springs College
  • Shan-I Lee, Auckland Girls Grammar School
  • Krista Rabullal, ACG Strathallan
  • Linda van Zyl, ACG Parnell

Professional teaching fellow and fellowship co-ordinator, Rachel Passmore, says all applicants for 2019 are to be commended for the high standard of their applications and for the creativity and innovation of their proposed projects.

“The fellows will work collaboratively on projects in 2019 around the inaugural theme ‘How can technology be exploited for the benefit of mathematics teaching and learning’.”

They will also participate in a year-long programme of events at the University of Auckland, which will include collaborations, seminars, presentations, resource development, up-skilling mathematical/statistical content knowledge and development of leadership skills.

About John Kalman

Emeritus Professor and former Head of Department John Arnold Kalman (1930-2007) obtained his MA in Law and Mathematics from the Auckland University College and PhD from Harvard (under George Mackey).

He joined the Department of Mathematics at the University of Auckland in 1955 as a research fellow and was a Professor with the Department for 30 years, until his retirement at the end of 1993.

Professor Kalman was a role model for his sincerity and dedication in all his tasks, and a fine mathematician, with a deep sense of care and hospitality towards his colleagues. 

He was noted for his careful and precise expository style and for his caring attitude to students. His research was originally in lattice theory, but he later became a specialist in automated reasoning with a well-received book entitled Automated reasoning with OTTER (Rinton Press, 2001), crowning his accomplishments in this field.

During his headship of the Department, John Kalman was instrumental in establishing the New Zealand Journal of Mathematics (then called The Mathematical Chronicle), in developing the curricula, in improving the quality of the mathematics section of the library, and most of all in appointing staff of international level.

Last but not least, during all his career in Auckland, he had an important role in creating a nice atmosphere in the Department. Those of us who were privileged to have him as a teacher will remember him fondly as a thorough teacher with two further amazing traits not mentioned so far:

  • his writing was fast and clear (if you wanted to write down his work on the board then you would be writing at top speed the whole lecture);
  • his memory was amazing (in Stage III analysis, a class of maybe 70, he walked around the class after the first assignment had been marked asking us our names and then giving us our assignment but thereafter he did the same omitting the question about our names.

(David Gauld)

Our thanks to the Margaret and John Kalman Trust for their generous, continuing and increasing support for this and several other schemes to increase awareness of mathematics at all levels.