Our working groups

Our faculty has five working groups to encourage connection, sharing of ideas, and best practice.

Our working groups are active spaces working to improve equity across the Faculty of Science. If you have an idea for another working group, you are welcome to email your ideas to science-equity@auckland.ac.nz

There is an expectation these groups are managed and maintain an active presence. Submissions for working groups should identify those who will be responsible for the group. 

Rainbow Science Network

An inclusive community providing contact and support for LGBTQIA+ staff and students while welcoming input and support from everyone in the faculty.

Rainbow Science Network's vision is for an inclusive culture that acknowledges and respects all sexual orientations and gender identities, and we values the contribution we collectively make to the life of the faculty.

To work towards this, we meet regularly to discuss issues, provide contact and support, and plan activities designed to raise visibility and awareness. While the Rainbow Science group is focused on advocating for LGBTQIA+ staff and students, we welcome input and support from everyone in the faculty.

Contact us

Email: rainbowscience@auckland.ac.nz

Bridging socio-cultural inequities (BSCI)

This working group is focused on creating and sustaining initiatives and activities that support staff and students in the Faculty of Science who may come from low socio-economic backgrounds, constrained economic backgrounds, or are the first in the family to study at our university. 

Contact us

Profile: Sonia Fonua 
Email: s.fonua@auckland.ac.nz

Profile: Lizzie Tafili

Women in Science

This working group celebrates the diverse ways women are contributing to science in our faculty. Our working group aims to demonstrate belonging and advocate for equal opportunities for all genders.

Students & staff of refugee backgrounds (SRB)

The SRB working group aims to increase visibility of students and staff of refugee backgrounds. We are working towards creating safe spaces to bring together individuals with similar experiences and challenges to discuss, connect, and develop a sense of community.

Together we will work towards developing initiatives and activities that will be beneficial to the community and the faculty. If you are interested in joining or contributing to this particular focus, please get in touch; we look forward to hearing from you.

Embracing Disability & Diversity / Enhancing Inclusivity (EDDEI)

This working group is focused on finding ways to create initiatives or consider the current conditions of our faculty concerning disability, diversity, inclusivity and equity. We are interested in improving our faculty's student and staff experiences with respect to teaching, learning, researching, and being here. We invite anyone passionate, working in this area, or has an alignment or expertise in this area to join us.