Science Sustainability Network

Our mission is to promote and facilitate sustainability practices in the Faculty of Science and beyond.

The Network has three main goals:

  • To contribute to environmental flourishing and biodiversity
  • To encourage interconnection, compassion, well-being, diversity, justice, respect, and open-mindedness in our communities
  • To investigate and promote sustainable technologies and living practices

Anyone in the faculty is welcome to join the network. We meet regularly and are always happy to hear from you. We also love to hear from people outside the faculty who have an interest in our work or who would like to collaborate on sustainability-related projects.

If you have a sustainability idea worth sharing, please contact Gillian Lewis

Network working group

Sandra Anderson (Biological Sciences)
Quentin Atkinson (Psychology)
Jacqueline Beggs (Biological Sciences)
Bruce Burns (Biological Sciences)
Angela Carr (Technical Services)
Joe Fagan (Environment)
Erica Farrelly (Student Academic Services)
Karen Fisher (Environment)
Niki Harre (Psychology)
Robin Kearns (Environment)
Gillian Lewis (Biological Science)
Veema Lodhia (Psychology)
Andrea Mead (Psychology)
Anna Santure (Biological Sciences)
Clark Thomborson (Computer Science)
Timothy Teo-Wade (Academic Services)
Gerald Weber (Computer Science)
Peter Wills (Physics)
Charlotte Jones-Todd (Statistics)