Science Assistance Room

The Assistance Room is a free drop-in tutoring space to support Science undergraduates (mainly stage one and two) with their studies.

Tutors from Chemistry, Environment, Logic and Computation, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology, and Statistics are available to:

  • Help you understand the concepts already presented in class.
  • Help you understand information in your lecture notes and/or textbooks. 
  • Clarify and provide guidance in coursework.
  • Provide additional problems as examples or for practice. 
  • Suggest study methods or resources.

Tutoring is available one-on-one or in small groups and is designed to develop your understanding, not to teach new material.

Tutors cannot do your coursework for you, give you answers to assignment questions, or guarantee a better grade.


You can find the Science Assistance Room on Level 1 of the Science Centre Building 302.

Room 302-170, Level 1
Building 302
23 Symonds Street
Auckland 1010

Opening hours

Tutors from each subject are available at scheduled times during the week as indicated by the roster in the Science Assistance Room or on Canvas.

Subject tutors can be identified by their coloured sashes:

  • Chemistry (Red)
  • Mathematics (Blue)
  • Physics (Green)
  • Psychology (Purple)
  • Statistics 100 + 101 + 108 (Gold/Yellow) - for other UG courses please refer to the Statistics Assistance Hub (refer to Canvas).

When tutors are present, some tables may be reserved for students in their particular subjects.


The Science Assistance Room is a shared study space for semi-quiet academic discussions.

We value peer learning and respect the University’s policy on third-party assistance.

Water in spill-proof containers is acceptable, but please consider your fellow students and eat, drink, and socialise in the Student Plaza or another social space on campus.

Contact details

For more information about the assistance room, please contact:

Chemical Science | Kaitlin Beare
Mathematics | Jonny Stephenson
Physics | Anna Yang
Psychology | Andrea Mead
Statistics | David Smith
Statistics | Lars Thomsen