Our faculty initiatives

The faculty has a range of initiatives and activities related to our equity groups to create opportunities.

Rainbow coloured hands reaching to the air

Please email ideas for new initiatives to science-equity@auckland.ac.nz

Building 302 Parents Space

Baby bottle and nappies

The faculty has a clean and private space available for any parents who need somewhere to go to look after their children, whether breastfeeding, expressing milk, nappy changing. 

Building 302 Room 203 (second floor)
23 Symonds St
Hours: 7.30am to 6.30pm
Open to students and staff
Facilities include a lockable door, two comfortable chairs with privacy screen, microwave, hand basin, change table, and power points. Toilets are next door.

Scool of Biological Sciences
There are also facilities at the School of Biological Sciences for students who are parents.
These include breast-feeding facilities, parent spaces and childcare.

Contact the Equity committee to find out about spaces in SBS by emailing sbs.equity@auckland.ac.nz

For more information email  science-equity@auckland.ac.nz 

Period Poverty Project

period products

We are trialling the period poverty project in some of our faculty bathrooms. We understand that period poverty impacts both staff and students so we welcome you to help yourself to whatever you need.

This is a trial and we would love to receive feedback so we can continue to improve the initiative. Please email your feedback to our confidential email at science-equity@auckland.ac.nz.

Not all bathrooms have the products but we are working to expand this in the future. 

Meeting boxes for inclusivity and diversity

illustration of peoples heads with different icons indicating different ways of thinking

The faculty of Science values and supports neurodiversity in the workplace. We are currently trialling a new initiative, providing meeting boxes with resources to engage with our diverse learners.

The idea is to encourage inclusivity in how we attend meetings, and create space for positive conversations and questions about neuro-diversity in our workplace.

For more information email  science-equity@auckland.ac.nz 

The rainbow mat initiative

We are looking for ways to increase visibility to show faculty is welcoming of diversity.

We currently have posters and rainbow floor mats. Email science-equity@auckland.ac.nz if you would like one of the mats for your office or work space.