School of Environment

Te Kura Mātai Taiao | Our teaching and research address the Earth system and the natural and social processes that impact our environments.

Students doing fieldwork surrounded by ice capped mountains

Field work with the School of Environment

Join some of our masters students on their field trip to Kaikoura and find out why our students often say that fieldwork was a highlight of their studies.

Scientists have compiled the most comprehensive assessment to date of how ocean warming is affecting the mix of marine species in our oceans.

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Bruce Hayward has written the perfect guide to take with you if you’re exploring Auckland’s volcanoes.

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Meet our student

Charlotte Milne is currently studying a Master of Science in Geography and uses drone technology to investigate changes after the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake.

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Environment student taking measurements

Explore our range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Geography, Environmental Science, Geographic Information Science and Earth Sciences.

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Daniel Hikuroa, Earth Systems

Meet our graduates and find out where their School of Environment degree has taken them.

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Environment researchers working in the desert

Our staff are engaged in a wide variety of groundbreaking research which is recognised internationally.

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Discover some of the exciting research happening in the School with our selection of interviews from early-career and up-and-coming academics.

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To’oa, from Samoa, graduated from the University of Auckland in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Geography and Environmental Science.

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Map room detail

Learn more about our strong collaborative research relationships with local and international organisations.

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Graduate Jaime Short has landed her “dream job” to take steps to improve a key aspect of the Cook Island’s long term environmental sustainability.

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