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We can help you with general undergraduate Science degree advice and specific undergraduate subject advice.

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Visit your hubs for help and advice on any aspect of your studies and life at University.

The Student Hubs are your physical gateway to Waipapa Taumata Rau | the University of Auckland.

The Student Hubs services are available seven days a week at the City, Grafton, Epsom and Tai Tonga campuses and six days a week at Tai Tokerau, with friendly staff available to provide you with advice on any aspect of your studies and life at the University.

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Our specialist subjects advisers

If you need specific subject advice, our specialist Science subject advisers can help you with your queries. You can also contact subject advisers about equivalency advice unless an equivalency adviser is specified below. 

Anthropological Science

All stages

Daniel Hernandez

Biological Sciences

Stage I

Amanda Harper +64 9 923 7794 

Stage II, III and GradDipSci

Caroline Aspden (ecology, animal, plant-based)

Kathryn Jones (microbiology, genetics)

Tuākana Biological Sciences

Dr Brendon Dunphy

Biomedical Science

All stages

Monica Kam


Stage I

Malini Arewgoda +64 9 923 7318

Kaitlin Beare +64 9 923 8292

Ruth Cink 

Stage II and III

David Ware +64 9 923 8270

Computer Science

Stage I

Ann Cameron +64 9 923 4947
Asma Shakil

Stage II

Damir Azhar +64 9 923 2391
Joerg Wicker

Stage III

Damir Azhar  +64 9 923 2391
Michael Dinneen 
+64 9 373 7599 Ext.87868

Equivalency adviser

Aniket Mahanti

Data Science

Data Science uses the same advisers as Computer Science and Statistics depending on the course.

All COMPSCI courses that are part of Data Science are advised by the UG Advisers for Computer Science above.

All STATS courses that are part of Data Science advised by the UG Advisers for Statistics further down the page.

Earth Sciences

All Stages

Nick Richards +64 9 923 5286

Barry O’Connor +64 9 923 8638

Environmental Change

Paul Augustinus

Environmental Science

All stages  

Luitgard Schwendenmann Ext.84301

Exercise Sciences

All stages

Angus McMorland

Waruna Weerasekera

Food Science and Nutrition

All stages

Peter Swedlund +64 9 923 4296

Geographic Information Science

All stages

Katarzyna Sila-Nowicka +64 9 923 5930


All stages

Rachael Boswell +64 9 923 5281

Environmental Physics

All stages

Ludmila Adam +64 9 923 6458

Information & Technology Management

Stage II and III INFOSYS courses

Fernando Beltran

Logic and Computation

All stages

Jeremy Seligman (Faculty of Arts) +64 9 923 7992

Marine Science

All stages

Neill Herbert +64 9 923 3604

Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education

All stages

Nicolette Rattenbury +64 9 923 3720

Bartek Ewertowski

Undergraduate international and exchange student adviser

Marie Graff +64 9 923 4911

Medicinal Chemistry

All stages

Brent Copp 


All stages

Liam Anderson +64 9 923 6037


Stage I

Mark Conway +64 9 923 8864

Stage II

Jan Eldridge +64 9 923 85911

Stage III

Stéphane Coen +64 9 923 8841


All stages

Anuj Bhargava +64 9 923 6200


Undergraduate and Graduate Diploma adviser

Michelle Burstall +64 9 923 8526

Andrea Mead +64 9 923 6253

Science in society (SCIGEN)

Anthony Gampell


Azam Asanjarani:, Room 303S-392

David Smith:, Room 303-314A

Lisa Chen:, Room 303-322

Kate Lee:, Room 303S-383 

Claudia Rivera Rodriguez:, Room 303-329

Equivalencies adviser

Azam Asanjarani:, Room 303S-392

Claudia Rivera Rodriguez:, Room 303-329


Anthony Gampell

Wine Science

All undergraduate courses

Neill Culley +64 9 923 7999