Academic advisers for undergraduate subjects and majors

If you need some advice on undergraduate subjects, here is a list of specialist advisers you can contact.

As well as contacting one of our specialist advisers, you can email us at We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.

Our advisers

Our advisers are available to advise on specific Science requirements and to discuss issues relating to degree completion. Please drop into the Science Student Centre or book an appointment to see an adviser.

Science subjects

Our specialist Science subject advisers can help you with your queries.

See below information about the subject, stage, phone extension number and name of the academic adviser to speak with:

Anthropological Science

All stages

Bruce Floyd ext 85921

Biological Sciences

Stage I

Amanda Harper ext 87794 

Stage II, III and graduate diploma

Dr Kathryn Jones ext 88703

Biomedical Science

All stages

Science Student Centre ext 87020  


All stages

Kerry Loomes ext 88372


Stage I

Malini Arewgoda ext 87318

Kaitlin Beare ext 88292

Stage II and III

David Ware ext 88270

Computer Science

Stage I

Ann Cameron ext 84947

Stage II

Damir Azhar ext 82391

Stage III

Robert Sheehan ext 88814

Equivalencies adviser

Aniket Mahanti ext 88752

Data Science

All stages

Sebastian Link (Computer Science) ext 88758

UG Advisers for Statistics

Earth Sciences

All Stages

Nick Richards ext 85286

Barry O’Connor ext 88638


All stages

Science Student Centre ext 87020

Environmental Science

All stages

Sam Trowsdale ext 88710

Exercise Sciences

All stages

Kharmin Sukhia ext 86887

Food Science and Nutrition

All stages

Peter Swedlund ext 84296


All stages

Mel Wall ext 87949

Joe Fagan ext 85281


All stages

Ludmila Adam ext 86458

Information Systems

Stage II and III INFOSYS courses

Science Student Centre ext 87020

Logic and Computation

All stages

Jeremy Seligman (Faculty of Arts) ext 87992

Marine Science

All stages

Neill Herbert ext 83604

Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematics Education

All stages

Padraic Bartlett ext 82448

Nicolette Rattenbury ext 83720

Undergraduate international and exchange student adviser

Steve Taylor ext 86622

Medicinal Chemistry

All stages

Science Student Centre ext 87020


All stages

Liam Anderson ext 86037


Stage I

Mark Conway ext 88864

Stage II

Maarten Hoogerland ext 86291

Stage III

Peter Wills ext 88889


All stages

Anuj Bhargava ext 86200


Undergraduate and Graduate Diploma adviser

Michelle Burstall ext 88526


All stages

Christine Miller ext 84275

David Smith ext 85390

Equivalencies adviser

Mike Forster ext 88759

Wine Science

All undergraduate courses

Neill Culley ext 87999