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Improving lifelong health through excellent research into the determinants of a healthy life: before conception and at every stage of the lifespan.

Join the Liggins Institute and you'll work alongside world-leading researchers to discover the determinants of health and disease.

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Our investigators answer a series of 10 questions to give you a glimpse into their work, as well as the highs and lows of a career in research.

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From reducing inequities in the healthcare system to treating autism with gut bacteria, we've got three hot topics to keep you warm this winter.

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Get a taste of research with a 90 point Honours project at the Liggins Institute

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Liggins scientists have now shown how sugar gel can be used to avoid babies getting hypoglycaemia.

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We investigate the impact of our environment on the long-term health outcomes of this generation and the next.

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Researchers in the Liggins Institute laboratory.

Explore the current list of doctoral and masters research projects on offer and their supervisors.

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What goes on at the Liggins Institute?

Find out what our students are investigating and what keeps them motivated.

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Internships, scholarships and awards are available to fund your Honours, Masters or PhD study at the Liggins Institute.

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The Liggins Institute at the University’s Grafton campus.

Take part in a clinical trial, attend an event or make a donation. There are lots of ways to contribute to our life-changing research.

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