Clinical studies in babies and children

From how best to feed preterm babies to preventing low blood sugars in newborns, find out about our current studies in babies and children and how you can get involved.

The hPOD study is trying to find out if giving a dextrose (sugar) gel to at-risk babies can stop their blood sugars going too low when they are born.

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The Infant Complementary Feeding Study is examining whether feeding babies a specific food has a positive effect on gut bacteria and infection protection.

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Can babies born by caesarean section be protected from the increased risk of obesity by being given their mothers' bacteria soon after birth?

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A world-wide observational study of children with the bone growth disorder, achondroplasia.

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If your baby has been born premature, you may be invited to take part in one of these studies.

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We're investigating whether paracetamol compared with ibuprofen, given to babies for fever and pain, increases the risk of asthma.

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