Postgraduate study at the Liggins Institute

Join the Liggins Institute and you'll work alongside world-leading researchers to discover the determinants of health and disease.

Postgraduate studies in the Liggins Institute laboratory

Take on an honours, masters or doctoral project at the University’s Liggins Institute and you’ll help identify the factors that contribute to good health - and disease – throughout life.

From working out how to give our most vulnerable babies the best start to life, to investigating the role our genes play in the development of diseases like diabetes and obesity, you’ll help to make - and translate - research discoveries into changes in clinical practice that make a positive difference at every age and stage.

Your role

Could you be part of this important work? Liggins researchers are looking for talented undergraduate and postgraduate students right now to take on a variety of honours, masters and doctoral projects. You could investigate how best to feed premature babies, explore new cancer therapies, or research the role of our genes in diseases like diabetes.

Browse the research areas and meet the supervisors looking for students:

Funding your study

Worried about the cost of postgraduate study? The Liggins Institute has a number of scholarships and awards available for masters and doctoral students. There may even be philanthropic funding available if you don't meet the criteria for a University of Auckland scholarship.

Check the scholarships on offer.

Got a question?

You can get in touch with any of our supervisors directly about their research, or you can contact our dedicated Postgraduate Associate Director, Dr Jo Perry. Jo can answer your questions about enrolment, availability of projects and scholarships. Email Jo on

Postgraduate Associate Director, Dr Jo Perry