Postgraduate study in Nutrition and Metabolism

Across the lifespan, food is a major determinant of health. This area of research explores the ways in which nutrition at each point in the lifespan affects long-term health and response to disease.


Take part in this research and you’ll help identify the factors that link good nutrition to long-lasting health. You could investigate how to diagnose and manage food intolerances, investigate the body’s response to different nutrients, explore the impact of nutrition on healthy aging, or analyse the role of nutrients at a molecular level in the prevention of non-communicable diseases (NCDs).


Masters and doctoral projects are available with the following supervisors. Click through to their profiles to see the projects on offer.

Current research projects: Dietary Intake in Parkinson's Disease

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How to apply

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Professor Richard Mithen
Associate Professor Fiona Lithander
Dr Amber Milan
Dr Chris Pook  
Dr Farha Ramzan