Research opportunities for clinicians

Take on a masters or doctoral research project in perinatal and child health and you'll work alongside globally recognised researchers Distinguished Professor Jane Harding and Professor Caroline Crowther.

Want to build skills and knowledge for the next step in your career? Keen to bring about meaningful change in clinical practice?

The Liggins Institute is looking for candidates to work alongside Professor Jane Harding and Professor Caroline Crowther. Join us and you'll investigate the long-term outcomes of  clinical interventions that could make a significant difference to the long-term health of mums and babies.

Next steps

If you have questions about the projects, contact Distinguished Professor Jane Harding at

If you need a hand with funding, check the scholarships available to Liggins Institute students.

You can also discuss your study plans and funding options with Associate Director - Postgraduate, Dr Jo Perry, by emailing

Why research makes a difference

Interventions early in life, including before birth, are now recognised
as the most effective way of improving life-long health. While
randomised trials are the gold standard for evaluating new
interventions, long-term follow-up is critical to maximise the potential

Here Distinguished Professor Jane Harding explains how our research into low blood sugars in newborn babies is contributing to the UN's Sustainable Development Goal of Good Health and Wellbeing.