Clinical studies in preterm babies

If your baby has been admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), you may be invited to take part in one of these studies.


The DIAMOND Study is looking at different ways of providing nutritional support to preterm babies learning how to breastfeed.

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We're investigating the most effective dose of caffeine to stop oxygen levels dropping in preterm babies.

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This study is investigating the best way to treat high blood sugar levels in preterm babies.

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We're investigating how increased protein intake in extremely low birth weight babies affects their growth and development.

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The PLUSS Trial is investigating whether a steroid treatment could prevent lung disease in very preterm babies.

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The hPOD study is trying to find out if giving a dextrose (sugar) gel to at-risk babies can stop their blood sugars going too low when they are born.

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Are early changes in brain development in preterm babies an important marker of later development?

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New nutrition guidelines for preterm babies born in Aotearoa are being developed to give every premature child the best chance of a healthy life.

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