We offer research projects at a range of levels including undergraduate internships, Honours projects, Masters projects and PhD programmes.

Subjects on offer

The Liggins Institute is a multi-disciplinary research institute, which means as a student you have access to experts from a range of subject areas. This allows us to view human health problems from different angles at once and more effectively translate scientific discoveries into therapies and strategies that benefit the community.

Our main focus and area of expertise is perinatal science, and the Liggins Institute is the only place in New Zealand that offers this subject. You could also choose to focus on Biomedical Science, Community Health, Health Science, Medical Science, Maori and Pacific Health, Molecular Medicine, Nutrition and Dietetics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics or Physiology.

Perinatal science

Perinatal science covers all aspects of maternal and child health from pre-conception through to early childhood. You could focus on basic science or clinical approaches to explore early life development. This might include investigation of changes in the maternal environment (e.g. nutrition) and complications of pregnancy on the long-term outcomes in the child; identifying the early determinants of a long healthy life and opportunities for intervention; or strategies to translate these research findings to changes in practice.

Levels of study

Opportunities for undergraduate students

If you are a current undergraduate student interested in research, you could take on an Honours project at the Liggins Institute. Honours projects are completed as a 90 point Research Thesis and are an opportunity to get a taste of research under the supervision of world-leading investigators.

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If you're a second year medical student at the University of Auckland, you can undertake a Liggins Clinical Research Internship. You could also consider a Summer Research Scholarship - a short-term scholarship for undergraduate students to get a taste of postgraduate study.   

Opportunities for clinicians

If you are a practising clinician, postgraduate study is a wonderful opportunity to spend time investigating your field of interest. Postgraduate study develops a range of analytical and problem solving skills, as well as building expertise in your chosen area.